Policies and Strategies Seminars in October

Posted on Oct 8, 2013

Seminars “Policy making and design of programme strategies” and “Policy and Strategy Implementation” were held in October 2013.

These two seminars are part of the seminar series organised by EUNYP on issues that will assist the key stakeholders in formulating and implementing policies and strategies. 

The seminars are tailored for maximum of 25 participants from the Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH (CCYI), relevant NGOs and selected stakeholders working on the issues of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main objectives for both seminars were to strengthen the capacities of CCYI, but also of the other participants who are focused on the issues of youth policies and strategies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the seminar, the special focus was on the youth policies, policies formulation, quality standards and key indicators, management and control of the policy implementation.