CCYI continues to improve the position of youth in BiH after EUNYP project ends

Posted on Dec 10, 2013

The European Union funds this project through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA 2008) in the amount of 606,000 euro. The EUNYP project ( aims at improving the position of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the creation of the appropriate conditions for better and more efficient dialogue and more functional coordination among the stakeholders responsible for youth issues in BiH. The Project started in January 2012 and will last until the end of December 2013. It is implemented by a Consortium led by EEO Group S.A. in association with EPRD Ltd, Particip Gmbh and OKC. The main project partner is Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH (CCYI).

Youthpolicy BiH

The meeting was used to present the Final Report as well as three-year work plan and time schedule for the CCYI.

“The young people in BiH are faced with different, often interrelated challenges that affect various aspects of their lives, starting from education and a lack of employment opportunities within the labour market through to insufficient social protection and living standards. Therefore, it is important to change approach of young people in BiH from passive to active where they take responsibility for their own future, but also to show how stakeholders can support this change. And we believe that work CCYI will be doing in the future is of outmost importance in this regard.” - stated Mr. Erling Have, Team Leader.

Members of the Project Steering Committee were representatives of CCYI, Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, RS Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport, FBiH Ministry of Culture and Sport, Brčko District BiH Government, EU Delegation in BiH and EUNYP project.

Youthpolicy BiH