Study trip to Slovenia

Posted on Jan 31, 2013

The first Study Trip organised by “IPA- EU Support to the coordination and implementation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s National Youth Policy” (EUNYP) was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from November 26 to 30, 2012.

The study trip aimed to provide an exchange of experiences and lessons learned by stakeholders involved in the entire Slovenian Youth Policy cycle with the representatives of CCYI.

The institutions/organisations in Slovenia were selected in order to gain different perspectives on the process and progress of national / local youth policy in a country with a similar past but definitely a different presence to the one Bosnia and Herzegovina has.

On the first day, the participants met with the representatives Office of Republic of Slovenia for Youth - a body within the Ministry of education and sport which monitors the situation of the young people and implements the measures in the field of non-formal education, leisure time and participation of young people in society. Network MaMa - the Youth Network “MaMa” combines and represents organisations that run youth centres or are active in field of youth work in Slovenia. Youth Office - City of Ljubljana - The Office for Youth provides technical and financial support for the development of non-profit youth organizations in Ljubljana and performing leisure activities through methods of non-formal education. It aims to enhance young people’s ability to become active co-creators of the city with a responsible attitude to the environment.

The visits on the second day started with the meeting in the Institute for Development of Youth Mobility (MOVIT) – MOVIT functions as the national agency for the EU Youth programme, which is aimed at youth organisations and other institutions active in this field and supports the development of bilateral collaborations, announcing and organising international camps, summer schools, and placements. SALTO Resource Centre for Southeast Europe (SALTO SEE) - SALTO SEE promotes cooperation between Youth in Action programme countries and the Western Balkans through capacity building, information and assistance in finding partners for future collaboration. The second day concluded by the visit to Kino Šiška, a former cinema and administration building now turned into a Centre of Urban Culture as well as a space for NGOs. It is one of the most visited places by young people. A founder of it is Municipality of Ljubljana. It is an important point of municipal plan on turning empty, not used spaces into places of gathering for young people.

The first item on the Agenda for the day three of the study trip was the visit to City youth centres Mladi Zmaji - MLADI ZMAJI (as part of the City of Ljubljana’s Youth Office) “neighborhood youth centers” (six) offer young people all sorts of activities and services free of charge. They use informal learning, everyday socializing, and many other ways to motivate visitors to gain new knowledge and skills, meet interesting people, broaden their horizons, and overcome their own limitations.

Meeting with representatives of Ljubljana Youth Council was followed with the meeting with National Youth Council – the National Youth Council of Slovenia is an umbrella organisation uniting most of national youth organisations. It aims at helping to create an environment that facilitates young people growing up into mature personalities that society will need in the future.

A major benefit of the study visit was definitely the fact that the new National Youth Programme in Slovenia was just introduced and widely discussed by various stakeholders within the country. This enabled the participants to get directly involved in the discussion, which in turn made them aware of possible mistakes but also challenges they may face themselves once they intensify their efforts in the framework of coordinated youth policy in BiH.

 The EUNYP staff and experts will plan the second Study Tour in 2013.