About the Project

EUThe IPA 2008 project “EU support to the coordination and implementation of BiH's National* Youth Policy”, so-called “EUNYP project”, is funded by the EU with a budget of EUR 606.000,00 and is implemented by a Consortium led by EEO Group S.A. in association with EPRD Ltd, Particip Gmbh and OKC. Project started on 9 January 2012 and will last for 24 months, up to the end of December 2013.


Objectives of the project

The overall objective of this project is to improve the position of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Specific purpose of the project is to create appropriate conditions for better and more efficient dialogue and more functional coordination among the stakeholders responsible for youth issues in BiH.

Project Beneficiaries

The main direct beneficiary of this project is the Commission for Coordination of Youth Issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina (CCYI)

The indirect beneficiaries of the project are:

  • Ministry of Civil Affairs BiH;
  • Entity ministries and District Brčko in charge for youth issues;
  • Public officials in charge for youth;
  • Civil society organisations (CSO) – active in the youth sector

Expected results

Through the project implementation, the following results are to be achieved:

  1. Capacities of the CCIY BIH for efficient and effective implementation of its mandate as well as of other beneficiaries of the project enhanced
  2. A platform for monitoring and evaluation and for collection of statistical data related to the youth issues developed
  3. Structures/models required for full participation in Community Programs related to youth designed
  4. Recommendations for future activities developed
  5. Awareness raising and visibility activities carried out

*The word "National" used in the title of the project refers to the Coordinated Youth Policy of BiH