Monitoring and Evaluation

Description of the Component

Component II will aim at developing an M&E system that will serve as a management and policy tool to the CCYI BIH and the Ministry of Civil Affairs that has a role to assist in the careful, consistent and meaningful development and tracking of interventions in the youth sector.

As such, Monitoring and evaluation system for the CCYI BIH should be a continuing function that provides the Commission and main stakeholders with early indications of progress, or any concerns or issues related to achievement of results. This specific monitoring mechanism will keep the track whether the CCYI BIH achieves the expected results and objectives as set out by the respective Commission.

Upon devising the M&E system, it is expected that the monitoring activities shall:

  • help keep the CCYI BiH on course towards the achievement of its results;
  • provide objective, verifiable evidence of progress towards and achievement of objectives and results;
  • enable insights to be drawn and shared about what worked well or what did not work well and why that was the case;
  • enable reflection on the context in which the CCYI BIH activities are being implemented and what is the impact made;
  • Provide the basis for fine-tuning, reorienting and planning future development efforts and activities of the CCYI BIH.


This Component will be organised in 3 activities, which are presented below.

Activity 2.1. – A brief baseline study

This activity will aim at updating the baseline study of 2008 to a limited extent, as far as necessary for setting the methodology of the M&E system. It will take into account the following elements:

  • extensive data on the institutional and legal framework for the youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • statistical data on the status of youth in various sectors of youth policy (youth (un)employment, health status of youth, housing, etc.)

The study will limit itself to existing data of qualitative and quantitative nature. No surveys will be implemented. After the baseline study has been prepared the gaps in information will be identified. These gaps may be made subject of an additional study outside the scope of this project.

Activity 2.2. – Development of an M&E Platform

In this scope, the TA team will:

  1. Define the concept of the system,
  2. Conduct scanning of the legislation related to youth issues,
  3. Define elements constituting the database,
  4. Define the System for continuous database loading

Activity 2.3. - Pilot a soft component for monitoring

During this activity, the technical, functional and logical tests developed during the Design phase will be made. After having tested the Platform, the TA team will provide training to the staff from the CCYI BiH who is going to manage the platform, load and use it. A short manual will also be drafted and delivered to the operators for easy access of information and future maintenance.