Community Programmes for Youth

Description of the Component

The implementation of this component will identify, link and relate the role of the Commission for Coordination of the Youth Issues in BiH with the coordination of all the EU Community Programmes that affect directly or indirectly the young people.

The TA team will examine closely the structures that function within BiH, as well as all the EU Programmes that have been implemented or are currently under implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to examine and identify their impact on the young population in the country. Afterwards, draft analysis will be made on the impact and the model of coordination that should have existed for the maximisation of the benefits to the target population. Finally, at least three models will be drafted and presented, which will aim at the best possible monitoring, coordination and evaluation of these programmes, having calculated the state of play in the country. Additionally, the advantages and disadvantages of these models will also be presented.



This component includes 3 activities in order to assure its effective implementation.

Activity 3.1. – Analysis of the existing structures

The TA team will examine to full extent all the actors, their synergies and overlaps, the level of communication and cooperation in order to map their activities and interconnections. By doing so, the TA team will be later in the position to draft the proposed models in a far more effective way, by taking into account the way of operation of each structure and/or actor, their objectives as well as potential.

Activity 3.2. – Analysis of the models of Community Programmes

The TA team will make a comprehensive analysis of the Community Programmes that are already in implementation in the EU and in the Region. By doing so, the most effective models for implementing Community Programmes will be highlighted, both in terms of design, but also implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The main aims of the analysis will be to:

  • benchmark the current Community Programmes in the EU and in the Region (list of most prominent Community Programmes focusing directly or indirectly on youth, activities supported, results achieved, etc);
  • benchmark current Community Programmes in the country (list of Community Programmes and sectors tackled by them in the country);
  • Identify potential areas to be targeted by Community Programmes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Activity 3.3. - Preparation of new models

Based on the outputs from the aforementioned activities, the TA team will develop and elaborate at least three possible Community Programme models including the result framework and risk analysis of each of the models in close liaison with the CCYI BIH.

  1. Define the concept of the system,
  2. Conduct scanning of the legislation related to youth issues,
  3. Define elements constituting the database,
  4. Define the System for continuous database loading