Plan for future activities

Description of the Component

The CCYI BiH is at the crossroad for becoming not only a strong reference point but also a leader of the youth policy activities on BiH level. For that reason, determining the mission, the vision and the strategy is of great importance. The TA team will make sure that through the implementation of this component, the CCYI BiH will have a concrete Strategic Plan, through which the most important tasks and activities will be defined and organised in order to promote the youth issues as best as possible.

This Strategic plan will ensure a framework for future activities to be implemented during the following three years and at the same time provide a basis for assessment of the necessary needs in resources (financial and human resources). Therefore, the plan will be a disciplined effort to produce decisions and actions that guide and shape what the CCYI BIH is, what it does, and why. So, the strategic plan for the CCYI BiH aims to determine the long-term mission, the objectives, goals, actions, and then identify the best approach for achieving them (timelines, roles and responsibilities), while the TA team will employ the guiding principles during the work on preparation of the Strategic Plan: ownership, partnership and sustainability.



In order to approach process of strategic planning adequately and to accomplish anticipated results, the TA team will conduct the following 2 activities.

Activity 4.1. – Establishment of the Strategic Planning Team

In order to ensure full BiH ownership of the process as well as long term sustainability of the capacities and results achieved, the whole process will be led by a Strategic Planning Team, whose members will be representatives of the CCYI BIH, with involvement of other relevant stakeholders from the youth sector upon recognised need and added value. The work of the Strategic Planning Task Force will be guided and facilitated by experts from the Project.

Activity 4.2. – Strategic Plan for the CCYI in BiH

The TA team will assist the Strategic Planning Task Force to organise the work on the strategic planning, by providing extensive support throughout the process, in terms of logistic assistance, facilitation of workshop and consultations, and assistance in preparation of the final Strategic Plan document of the CCYI BIH. The Strategic Plan will be prepared through the partnership of the main stakeholders from the central level and in consultation with other regional and local partners.