Awareness raising and visibility activities

Description of the Component

The overall objective of this Component is to determine the Communication Strategy and to draft and implement a Communication and Awareness Raising Plan. The plan will have a concrete time schedule, budget forecast and suggestions of activities per target group, in order to ascertain the successful implementation of the Communication strategy. The aim of the Communication Plan will be to increase the visibility of the project, its activities, results and achievements to all beneficiaries involved directly or indirectly in the project, as well as the wider audience of BiH.

Additionally, for this Component, the TA team will develop the Communication Strategy for the CCYI BiH, in order to assist in maximising the impact of its mission and vision that are going to be defined under Component IV.



This Component will be organised in 2 activities, which are presented below.

Activity 5.1. – Development of Communication Strategy

In the framework of this Activity the TA team will determine the communication strategy and draft the corresponding visibility and awareness raising plan, having identified important milestones and deadlines, budget forecast and potential impact per target group. In order to accomplish that, the following steps will be undertaken:

  1. Defining Target Audiences
  2. Defining the Message
  3. Defining the communication tools

Activity 5.2. – Awareness raising and Visibility Events

A series of visibility activities are going to be delivered, in order to raise awareness for the project, its objectives and results. Specifically, the TA team will organise and deliver the following activities:

  1. Six cycles of promotional activities
  2. One ideas-fair
  3. Two presentations of the best practices identified