Training opportunities

EUNYP is launching a series of training programmes, free of charge to the participants, which are planned to be delivered in ten training spots across the country from October 2012 to June 2013. The training spots identified are:

  • East Sarajevo,
  • Travnik/Zenica,
  • Tuzla,
  • Brčko,
  • Doboj,
  • Banja Luka,
  • Bihac,
  • Livno/Glamoč,
  • Mostar and
  • Trebinje

The topics covered aim at building the capacities of the main target group (members of the youth NGOs and officers in charge of the implementation of youth policies at municipal and cantonal level across BiH) in identifying and exploring effectively opportunities for project implementation that will help the country in its effort to improve the position of the youth population at all policy levels. These topics are:

  • Developing projects and project proposals in the context of the EU youth strategy. The objective of this training is to improve the participants’ capabilities in developing and formulating projects, by being updated on the EU youth strategy 2010-2018 and being familiarised with best practises in developing projects and project proposals. The training to this topic will start in October and will finish by November 2012.
  • Fundraising opportunities: This topic aims at improving the participants’ capabilities in financial issues and log frame design, by improving the capabilities in financial management of projects and in designing log frames. This will be delivered from February until March 2013.
  • Development of Municipal Youth strategy: The objective is for the participants to get acquainted on how to draft and implement a Municipal Youth strategy. These trainings are scheduled from May until June 2013.

Shortly the online application form will be available online. Keep checking our site in the next couple of weeks! You are invited to apply for any of the aforementioned topic, to the training spot that is mostly convenient for you. There are no restrictions to the number of topics one can apply for. Selection criteria might apply, depending upon the number of applications received.

The EUNYP Project Team